Design of interactive piñatas, controlled via tweets sent by the audience. Project developed for Beldent in Buenos Aires, and Trident at Benicàssim International Festival (FIB).
Piñata is a project made by IFUCUF for +Castro agency and SAKE production company. The piñatas were installed for Beldent in Buenos Aires and for the Trident Senses brand at FIB.
IFUCUF were in charge of the design, development and installation of interactive piñatas, which are controlled via Twitter messages sent by the audience. Every tweet contains a determinate hashtag, #TridentSensesPinata, which in this case, is equal to 10 cm3 of air. An electronic device transforms the message into a portion of air to inflate the piñata. As messages accumulate, the piñata explodes. In FIB, four piñatas exploded, full of chewing gum and promotional gifts.

LOCATION Buenos Aires/Benicàssim 2012
Latex balloons and compressed air mechanisms
Custom hardwareCustom software
Web application and database management
Design + Technical direction: IFUCUF
Mechatronics implementation: B. Duchesne, Pense