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IFUCUF is a multimedia label that develop interactive projects, performances and installations.

We produce immersive experiences using new technologies and media. Projects are thought of as interactive performances.

With more than 25 years of experience we have developed international and awarded projects for festivals, events, museums and organizations.



Sony Song Swimmer
Silver Lion Promo & Activation: Use of a Social Media in a Promotional Campaign, Cannes 2014
Silver Lion Promo & Activation: Durable Goods, Cannes 2014

Connected Hearts
Bronze Lion PR, Cannes 2013
Gold Effie Interactive Activation, Argentina 2013
Silver Effie Media Innovation, Argentina 2013
Silver Pen PR, Argentina 2013
Bronze Tooth Activation, Argentina 2012
Bronze Interactive creative awards Clarin, Argentina 2012

Boca Seismograph
Gold Tooth Activation Big Venue, Argentina 2012
Bronze Tooth TV & CINE Other Screens, Argentina 2012
Bronze Tooth Cases, Argentina 2012