A seismograph to measure the motion of football fans in soccer stadiums.
This project, developed for BBDO Argentina and Nike, has its genesis in the idea of measuring, with a seismograph, the vibrations registered in a football stadium during a match and afterwards comparing this data to Richter’s scale. The motion caused by Boca’s football fans was measured as if it were an earthquake.
The project took place on 2012 Argentina Cup Final, a match played between Boca and Racing at Bicentenario’s stadium, in San Juan city, Argentina. The motion registered during the match reached 4.8 on the Richter scale. A software application purposed-built by IFUCUF analyses the speed of motion waves. This allows measurement of the motion created by football fans in the stadium. This information is used to create corresponding graphics, which are used to estimate values on a Richter scale.
The project includes the design and installation of a network of seismographs and a mobile network, which enables the capturing of real-time data to develop graphics. A database is used to extract comparisons between world facts and concrete moments of the match. There is also a visual platform dedicated to the data captured by the seismographs in real-time. The application, synchronised with visual data of the match, guarantees the availability of data on the fly.
Winner of one Gold and two Bronze Teeth’s, Argentina 2012.

CLIENT BBDO Argentina / Sake
LOCATION San Juan (Argentina) 2012
Custom software
Custom hardware
Design and manufacture of adapted seismograph
Android App for Smartphone
Producer: SAKE
Technical direction: IFUCUF